viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010


Will John wash the dishes tomorrow?

If you are having problems, I will help you study English

Will you only have learned a few words?

The child will buy a video game

I will not go to the party Carlos

She will go to the gym every day

I think it will rain tomorrow

They will go for a ride to the fair

Before her birthday, we will have bought the gifts

She will have approved the test before the holidays


I am going to speak

He is going to phone his friend

We are going to play a new computer game

My sister is going to watch TV

You are going to have a picnic next Tuesday

Jane is going to go to the office

His brother is going to write a letter to his uncle today

What is she going to cook?

I´m not going to go to the party

Juan isn´t going to work today

viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010


The children were playing football during the week

I was studying English for five years

Mary was always barrowing my books

My friends were fighting during the whole night at the club

Iwas trying to get a new job

Tom was working very hard in the weekend

When I arrived john was talking on the phone

He was running in the park when it began to rain

I was having lunch when you called

Last day at midnight, we were watching moviles


She cleaned has house

The secretary has decided to look for a new jab

Tomy stayed at home last night

She talked to me for two hours

He watered the garden the last weekend

My mother had her birthday party last nigth

Mi dog bit Luis in her leg

The children watched TV the whole day yesterday

I lived in Mexico for three year

My cousin wanted to buy a new jacket

miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010


Today we are cleaning the house

I can reading a book

She is studying English

Maria is dancing regueton

You are playing football

I am going to Mexico next week

We are talking a coffe in the cold

The teacher is correcting tests

Julian is listening to the radio

The director is saluting employees


You work in a company

He drinks a lot of water

She studies for the test of tomorrow

We play tennis usually

She goes to the theater

I have a car

You study always

He files an airplane

I don´t like soccer

Do you run in the park everyday?

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010


He played tennis with me

She has a house en Mexico

They are vacations

This cat is mine

He said that she would dance with me if I brought her red roses

My family is great

His name is jose

They live in a an aparttment in E.U.

My dad is 45 year old and he´s a teacher

We study English on Saturdays and Sundays

His shirt is dirty

She has a degree in administration